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Are there reputable tutoring services I can recommend to my students?

Through RemotEDx, the Ohio Department of Education and are partnering to bring free, reputable tutoring services to Ohio's students. is a free, peer-to-peer tutoring platform on which anyone, anywhere can receive live help, earn shareable certifications in the topics they learn about, and have the option to become a tutor in the topics they master.

Students must be at least 13 years old to tutor or receive tutoring through A student must create an individual user account to register for a tutoring session.

Adults who have earned tutoring certification are welcome to volunteer as tutors.

To learn more about, visit the FAQ. You can find a link to in INFOhio's Educator Tools.

For questions about Ohio's partnership with, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Where can I get help with home internet access for remote teaching and learning?

Multiple Ohio agencies are working together to ensure all Ohio educators and students engaged in remote teaching and learning can get and stay connected to the internet. If you or your students need help, contact the RemotEDx Connectivity Champions. The Connectivity Champions can help you work with your school and other support agencies to secure internet access for remote teaching and learning.

Connectivity Champions Phone: 1-844-K12-OHIO (844-512-6446)

Connectivity Champions Online Help:

Connectivity Champions Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

How can I help my students and their parents with remote learning?

Visit the U.S. Department of Education's Parent and Family Digital Learning Guide and share the tips, resources, and other helpful information for parents and caregivers. Here are a few additional tips:

  1. Make sure students have reliable internet access. If you're working with families who need help with internet access, contact the RemotEDx Connectivity Champions.
  2. Ensure no student falls through the cracks. If you need help finding students or supporting students with special needs, contact the Support Squad Concierge Team who will work with you and your Educational Service Center.
  3. Make sure your students and their parents have all the links and login information needed for online learning including those for learning management systems, online learning environments, or electronic resources. For more information on logging in to the INFOhio website to access INFOhio digital resources, see the video Logging In to Access Digital Content from INFOhio.
  4. Download and share the resources available on the RemotEDx Parents and Caregivers page.
What is RemotEDx?

RemotEDx is a state-level initiative that brings together a unique mix of remote, hybrid, and blended learning partners from across the state to help schools and districts enhance, expand, and more effectively scale high-quality remote, hybrid and blended education models. RemotEDx places a premium on equity and seeks to support Ohio’s most underserved students. Among its aims, RemotEDx strives to transform remote caring, teaching, and learning opportunities in ways that ensure whole child wellness and success in a remote education setting.

To learn more, see the About RemotEDx page.

Who can use the RemotEDx services and resources?

All Ohio PreK-12 students, their parents, and educators may use the resources and services available through RemotEDx.

What can I find on this site?

The RemotEDx Exchange is the platform that provides easy access to all the supports and services available through RemotEDx. Key service providers include:

Contents of this platform are reviewed by the RemotEDx Coordinating Council.

Where can I learn more about improving my remote teaching practice?

For more information and support on teaching remotely, visit the Professional Learning section of this site. There you'll find a host of professional learning opportunities and offerings for building your remote teaching knowledge and improving your remote teaching practice.

For targeted, in-depth professional learning support, contact the Support Squad Concierge Team. The RemotEDx Support Squad and its Concierge Team, directed by Ohio’s Educational Service Centers (ESCs), provide schools and districts with high-quality professional learning opportunities specific to remote, hybrid, and blended learning and education.

Visit the Teach With INFOhio blog to learn quick tips for effectively integrating high-quality digital content into remote instruction. See best practices in action when you watch the Monday Mini Lessons.

To read full-text scholarly articles, research reports, curriculum and teaching guides, and conference papers for educators, explore the contents of INFOhio's collection of professional databases. Learn more about the kinds of journals you can find in the educator databases by viewing INFOhio's 15 for Educators flyer. You can explore a sample of recent full text articles on remote learning here.

How can Ohio educators leverage Support Squad resources?

The Support Squad representatives work directly with the Educational Service Centers (ESCs) and district administrators to investigate potential solutions to personalized remote, blended, and hybrid learning needs. Ohio educators should work with their building and district administrators to define the scope of a teacher-identified staff or student need. District administrators should work with their ESCs or contact the Support Squad Concierge Team for additional support in their personalized remote, blended, and hybrid learning needs.

What criteria are used to determine whether a resource is available through RemotEDx?

Resources and services available through the RemotEDx Exchange meet a set of quality criteria and are available to schools and districts at little to no cost. The Concierge Team and Support Squad members use a co-designed high-quality professional learning checklist to identify high-quality professional learning and supports for remote, hybrid, and blended learning. They also leverage success stories and resources across the state to identify viable solutions.

The Exchange uses a co-designed rubric to identify high-quality instructional materials for remote, hybrid, and blended learning. Experienced content reviewers evaluate resources against the rubric to determine whether it meets requirements for inclusion on the Exchange. Whenever possible, reviews of resources are published publicly to help schools determine which resources and services will best meet their local needs.

Where can I find more information about remote learning in Ohio?

For more information about remote learning in Ohio, explore the Ohio Department of Education's Online & Blended Learning Considerations for 2021-22 School Year. Also see ODE's Resources for Return for additional information on resources for the 2021-22 school year. Find additional support in the Remote/Blended Instructional Delivery Resources section of the Ohio Educational Service Center Association's Reframing Education site.





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