Curriculum Reviews

The use of high-quality, standards-aligned instructional materials can lead to improved student achievement. Ohio's Educational Service Centers support schools in the adoption and implementation of high-quality curriculum content that improves outcomes for all students, particularly those who are marginalized and underserved. To learn more about this service offered by the ESCs, contact the Support Squad Concierge Team.

Schools and districts can consult trusted sources, like EdReports, for curriculum reviews to make curriculum adoption decisions.


EdReports seeks to improve learning by providing comprehensive information on a variety of English Language Arts, Math, and Science materials to help schools and districts make the best decisions when adopting or selecting resources. A nationally-recognized nonprofit organization, EdReports provides expert reviews of K-12 instructional materials that you can freely use in your materials adoption process. To learn more about high quality instructional materials that may be well suited for blended, hybrid, and remote learning, see the Enhanced Reports with Key Technology Information

Training & Support

  • INFOhio Learning Pathways: EdReports Class - Learn more about EdReports, a nonprofit reviewer of instructional materials. This class will help participants navigate the site and implement the reports into their material adoption process. After successfully completing a final quiz, earn a certificate for four contact hours.
  • Introduction to EdReports Reviews (YouTube Video) - Learn more about why educators work with EdReports and how they produce evidence-rich, free, detailed reviews of ELA, Math, and Science materials.
  • How the EdReports Review Process Works (YouTube Video) - Each report found on represents hundreds of hours of work by educator reviewers. Learn about their process.
  • ESC Staff - Contact the Support Squad Concierge Team to find a staff member in your Educational Service Center who can provide training in your school or district on using EdReports and support your curriculum adoption, development, and implementation needs.