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Curriculum & Instructional Reviews

The use of high-quality, standards-aligned instructional materials can lead to improved student achievement. Ohio's Educational Service Centers support schools in the adoption and implementation of high-quality curriculum content that improves outcomes for all students, particularly those who are marginalized and underserved. To learn more about this service offered by the ESCs, contact the Support Squad Concierge Team.

Ohio Materials Matter Reviews

Ohio Materials Matter Reviews includes reviews of instructional materials that district leaders and educators can explore to find materials that fit their curriculum needs. Reviews available through Ohio Materials Matter are from EdReports, which provides expert reviews of K-12 English Language Arts, Math, and Science instructional materials.

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RemotEDx Reviews

RemotEDx Instructional Materials Reviewers evaluate Open Access and Open Educational Resources submitted to Open Space using the RemotEDx Instructional Materials Rubric to determine whether they meet remote, hybrid, and blended learning needs. Materials that meet the requirements of the RemotEDx Instructional Materials Rubric receive the RemotEDx Endorsement and are included in the RemotEDx Hub and the RemotEDx Collection in Open Space. Search and browse for reviews to find instructional materials to meet remote, hybrid, and blended learning needs.

Training & Support

  • ESC Staff - Contact the Support Squad Concierge Team to find a staff member in your Educational Service Center who can provide training in your school or district on using RemotEDx Reviews to support your curriculum adoption, development, and implementation needs.
  • Keynote - Watch the recording of this session from INFOhio's Instructional Materials Matter web conference.
  • Identify High-Quality Instructional Materials with EdReports and the RemotEDx Rubric - Watch the recording of this session from INFOhio's Instructional Materials Matter web conference.
RemotEDx Instructional Materials Reviews


A nationally-recognized nonprofit organization, EdReports provides expert reviews of K-12 instructional materials that you can freely use in your materials adoption process. To learn more about high quality instructional materials that may be well suited for blended, hybrid, and remote learning, see the Enhanced Reports with Key Technology Information.


Ohio's Evidence-Based Clearinghouse

In the initial release of Ohio’s Evidence-Based Clearinghouse (September 2018), the evidence-based strategies included are those that have been previously reviewed and rated by existing clearinghouses.

Ohio’s Evidence-Based Clearinghouse uses REL Midwest’s ESSA Clearinghouse Crosswalk to align ratings from existing clearinghouses to ESSA evidence standards.

  • Multiple studies were combined to determine if an evidence-based strategy met the large sample threshold.
  • In cases where an evidence-based strategy is rated by more than one clearinghouse, Ohio’s Evidence-Based Clearinghouse connects practitioners to the clearinghouse that includes the most evidence associated with the strategy. For example, if one clearinghouse includes five references associated with an evidence-based strategy and a second clearinghouse includes seven references, Ohio’s Evidence-Based Clearinghouse will connect practitioners to the clearinghouse that included seven references.
  • Not all clearinghouses within the REL Crosswalk are contained in the ESSA Clearinghouse.

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Ohio's Evidenced-Based Clearinghouse